In this short sheet you will learn how to program your own functions for the Exsent Project.

Additional information -> Language: Java, UI-Language: Java (also XML), Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Your idea

Before you start make sure you have an idea and check if this functions does not already exist. It can be anything you want to program,

but always remember that it has to follow the Google Play Store Rules (

Also only good functions that follows these rules will be verified.

Step 1: Create the basics

Open Android Studio and create a new project.

Imagine developing an application and on the release day some users get a bug or an error. There is of course the possibility to update your application. Setting up a new version and uploading you app again, so that the users can access it after a few days, isn’t that smart. That’s why you should build an auto-update app, that contains code, which updates itself and comes from your database, where you change it in a few seconds. So let’s get started…

At first you need to know what kind of source you want to have:

  • A dex-file source (.dex)…

Valentin Ahrend


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